Novelist was formed in 2005 by Chase Middaugh and Ryan McMullen - both looking to explore new options to writing and performing music. The initial sounds were heavy, slow paced, constructed pieces with improvised performances such as those heard on Drosera- their debut recording. From there, Novelist evolved into a rhythmic, repetitvive sound heavily influenced by krautrock performers such as Can and Faust. The sound continued to change through many performances on the east coast- eventually arriving at a completely improvised free-formed chaos.

Novelist took a hiatus in 2010 while Ryan started The Fucking Hotlights and Chase joined London Vs New York and continued to work on his solo project mutus liber.

Novelist has returned in 2011 and is currently planning performances and seeing where the road takes them.

Both Chase Middaugh & Ryan McMullen are also members of Teeth So Sharp with Bill Abdale.